My name is Penny

(Whackowitch on Youtube)


  Personality is an interesting thing, and not many of us are truly understood. I felt that this compassion and understanding was something that everyone deserved, and that has been part of my motivation in studying astrology.
​  My birthday is August 11th, 1992 at 8:31AM. I am a mostly introverted Leo who did not believe in astrology for that very reason (Leos are said to be incredibly outgoing and popular). Nontheless, I wanted to investigate further. I found that we all have a chart that is calculated by our exact minute of birth. From there, I was hooked.
​  Other that, I am mother to a very outgoing and bubbly little Scorpio girl (her name is Jade, and she was named after an actual emperor scorpion who passed away shortly before Jade was born) and I am a martial artist.
​  I have a wide variety of hobbies, and sometimes people think I'm good at them. :) I hope that you enjoy the content that I produce and will stay in touch.

​Best Wishes,
​Penny Astrology