You're a little bit insensitive about other peoples' fear, because you don't see what the big deal is. You think there is a way to handle everything peacefully. If the grim reaper showed up, maybe you could just offer him a plate of cookies, and after a nice conversation he would agree to not take your loved ones. You don't believe in true evil.


You believe that there are many odd mysteries in this world and only time will allow us to figure them out. You have a sort of zen approach about it. You don't care to actively experiment with the occult, but you know that other people are going to be figuring that stuff out. It's like this: you know that driving a car is dangerous, but you don't want to be the one to crash it.


You are secretly afraid of the occult. You don't want people to know that!

It's fascinating and exciting, but you know it's dangerous and it makes you nervous. You might put on a little bit of an act, because you don't think that people will understand your mixed feelings. You don't always want to say anything about it when you know that something is a bad idea, but it worries you.


You prefer to not have to face the darker side of life. You don't like dealing with death. You don't want to believe in ghosts, demons, or driving too fast. You have a mentality of "lets not even talk about it". If you do take risks, you don't want anyone confronting you about it. If you saw a ghost, you don't want anyone knowing about it. If it happens, it happens, but you'd rather just ignore it all.


You try to find a logical explanation for things. You rationalize in order to cope with death. You will talk about strange experiences in order to try and understand them. You are not an immediate believer, but you won't deny it when there seems to be no other explanation.


You're a little bit of a thrill seeker. You will put yourself in harms way just to say that you did it. Just for the experience. Danger can be fun to you. You feel like you need to take risks in order to learn things.


This is an extremely reckless placement. You won't think twice before reacting when you are in a life or death situation. You're impatient behind the wheel and will sometimes do whatever it takes to get there faster. You don't actually think about what is going on, so you don't even have the opportunity to be afraid until after the fact.


You feel obligated to be the brave one. You are proud to say that when danger looked you in the eye, you did not back down. Maybe you feel like there is some unseen force protecting you.


You believe that death is supposed to come with old age, so why on Earth would you be doing stupid things, begging it to come sooner? You think that driving over the speed limit is irresponsible. It is senseless to want to summon a ghost. Getting yourself killed is not supposed to be fun, and you don't know why other people can't understand that!

The 8th House

The cusp of the 8th house represents many things, one of which are life and death situations.


You recognize the occult, and any sort of risks that people can take, as being dangerous, but you are not necessarily afraid. You won't be the one to talk someone out of summoning a ghost, but you might warn them because you understand that these things are not a force to be reckoned with.


You have a dark sense of imagination that creates a thin veil between yourself and a world of things you did not want to know about. You're not the kind of person who asks for a venture into the land of the dead. You would probably prefer to avoid trouble, but trouble manages to find you.


You're a little bit conservative when it comes to the occult. It's not that you don't believe in it, but you'd rather play it safe. You don't believe in taking senseless risks. Perhaps you would pull a loved one out of a burning car, but you are not a thrill seeker. You don't believe that risking your life is supposed to be something you do just for fun.