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Find out which sign is on the cusp of your 11th house:


You believe that friendships require hard work, and they can become a source of stress. You want friends who don't have high expectations of you (as if they require you to be responsible for them, because you're likely to already feel like that anyway), but at the same time you need them to push you.. It will take you a while to learn how to handle friendships, and you will become more appreciative of them later in life. You most likely try to limit and control the amount of people who are surrounding you, especially if you are popular.


You actively search out friends, and are quick to make them but often just as quick to call the friendship off. You are assertive with friendships, and will always seem like a leader around them. Your friends could find you to be overly bossy or insensitive to their needs or what they want. Teamwork isn't always easy for you, as you end up putting yourself first.


Your friends make you happy. You are loyal to them and often stay friends with them for a very long time. You could end up being a bit of a pushover among your friends, because it is easy for them to keep you happy, but you disdain friends who you felt have betrayed you. You will let them go and completely disregard them without hesitation. It is important to you to maintain a proud group of friends that you feel comfortable around and if people can't give you that, then they have no business being by your side.


You enjoy having friends from different cultures, or simply born in a different area from you. You want to explore the knowledge and experiences that the people around you have to offer. You might come and go in and out of their lives as you please, but you always come back and are always happy to be talking to them again. People find you to be interesting, and you love being silly when you're around your friends.


You tend to remain friends with people, even if the friendship has gone sour. You might keep friends even when they are not nice to you. You're very stable in friendships though. You expect them to last forever and are reluctant to give up the ones that weren't meant to. You could go so far as to not even notice all the things that are going wrong in a friendship. If a friend has tried to manipulate you, you were most likely nonthewiser. Afterwards you only wonder how they could do that to you, and you are very unlikely to take them back once you realize you are better off without them. What you do with your friends likely isn't important to you. You are content just hanging out and relaxing, but you do enjoy getting a nice meal or some drinks. A lavish gift is always appreciated.


Making friends isn't easy for you, but you most easily find friends in people that you work with. You might not always know how to relate to them, but you like to do nice things for them. Sometimes you may feel that your friends take you for granted, because you are always doing little things for them that could easily go unnoticed. You watch out for them like it's your responsibility.

The 11th House

How you view friendships, and what they mean to you.


There is a pack mentality when it comes to friendships. What is important to you is that you and your friends are doing something together, in a group. Whether it's sitting around together drinking beers, or executing your teamwork strategies in paintball, you want to feel like you belong with your friends. You could find yourself disregarding them, as if you feel that you don't need them, but they always find you to be someone who is interesting to hang out with.


Your friends are like siblings to you, and you always have a lot in common with them. You're very talkative among your friends and those conversations are often full of laughs and wit that only you two (or three, or four) would understand. You enjoy finding people who share an intelligent sense of humor with you. You often get very chatty when you are around them, and if there's nothing to talk about them you are bored. As long as you are talking, you will have that feeling of friendship in the air. To you, losing a friend is like losing a part of yourself.


Friendships need to be a fair, sort of give and take relationship for you. You expect mutual benefit from them. It could be a business-like approach, or you could even have these weird sort of almost-love-interest friendships. You like to be friends with people of the opposite gender (or whichever gender you are interested in), and maintain a sort of platonic relationship with them. You want love within friendships. You don't ever want to fight with your friends and you'd rather maintain that sense of harmony. You might try to charm them out of an argument, or just be overwhelmingly nice.


You're not big on acquaintances, and really only want close friends. You want your friends to be like family. You require them to be people who really care about you. You are likely to find people who are older than you, younger than you, and about the same age as you (all who can have a certain role for you, as a second mom, dad, sister, or even "adopted child"). You could be moody when it comes to friendships, and want them to leave you alone at times. You could also find yourself getting upset and lashing out at them over small things, due to pent up emotions. You likely find yourself to be the more reliable one, and when that reliability isn't reciprocated you get upset.


You're very picky when it comes to friends. You can't be sharing your personal stuff with just anyone, right? You might have to do some "research" on them before you allow them into your life. You are seldom ready to share things about yourself with people. Big groups could even scare you a bit. You only want to associate with friendships that are truly meaningful. Winning your trust is not easy. You could come off too strong or too intimidating when you are trying to make friends.


You could be friends with just about anyone, and enjoy having different groups that you associate with. You could have a specific group of friends for each of yours hobbies, and your job. Many of the groups would clash if they ever ran into oneanother. You could be kind of fickle when it comes to friendships though. Your friends are all subject to the waves of the ocean, sometimes getting thrown out of your life (or the friendship just wasn't working out for whatever reason). These people may be important to you. You may have a strong connection with them, but the relationships can slip out of your fingers.