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Tips on Reading Charts

Knowing all of the basics and how to bring information together is important when you're reading a chart. Be aware that there are contradictions in all of our charts. So when you look at a chart, before you point out one thing, you need to think about how all the other things affect it.
For example, before you tell someone how gaudy and vain they are as a Leo, look to see if there is anything making them more modest (like some Virgo influence).

Things to look for:

  • Prominent signs in their chart
  • Which planet is in what sign?
  • What does that planet do?
  • Which house is it in?
  • What aspects does it have?
  • Is it retrograde?
  • Does the degree the planet is in have a significant influence? (example: if something is in their 12th house, but conjunct their ascendant)

What makes the signs in their chart similar? What makes them different? Compare and contrast everything, then carefully consider what would be true. How do you think this person dealt with the contradictions they have within themself?
​If there is an opposition between two signs, but one of them is retrograde, I like to think that the non-retrograde planet "won", because the retrograde planet is internalized. So rather than the balance an opposition usually forces you to find, there might be a sacrifice of that part of you that is retrograde.

A thorough understanding of the signs and houses is so important. The basics are so important.
A white belt can kick a black belt's ass if the black belt thought they knew everything and neglected the basics. How embarrassing is that? Never treat yourself like you're a black belt, or like you're already as smart or as strong as you want to be.

Everyone sees something different when looking at the same chart. There's always something someone else can notice that you didn't. So read your own charts, read your friends' charts, and have fun.
No one needs to be better at it than anyone else. We can all share what we know and what we see. Knowledge of who you are is nurturing and empowering (even if it's not always what you want to hear!), and thanks to the internet, we can spread knowledge like an epidemic so that we all can be strong. Caesar and Genghis ain't got nuthin' on us (they were both carried through life by astrologers, kind of like how Paris Hilton carries her puppy... and I believe that is why people started being killed for practicing astrology... authority did not want to share its power with everyday people... but astrology is legal again, so fuck the police... or don't fuck the police, because they're not after us).