You urge to spend your money just as much as you want to keep it, or maybe more; You don't know. You can't decide. You thoroughly believe that you have an evil twin who steals your money and spends it for you, because you know it wasn't you who spent $5,000 in one month! You love to save money. You love to spend money. Which do you love more? You certainly have your moments of impulsive spending. You often talk about your money and what you want to do with it. You will plan a bunch, but often disregard said budget.
​You are forever indecisive about what exactly you want to own in life, and which possessions you would like to keep.


You believe that you don't handle money the same way that everyone else does. There is something different about you. You are a genius when it comes to creating a budget. Everyone else is greedy and they let money get to their heads. On some level, money does not truly matter to you. You feel that it doesn't matter whether it's in your hand or in someone else's. We're all sharing resources on this planet. You will enjoy getting money from various sources, and sharing money, but you are not particularly involved in the process. As long as you can survive it does not matter. You are concerned with the survival of those around you as well.


You're always questioning whether or not you deserve the things that you have. You don't like asking people to pay you for things because you rely on someone else to validate your worth. When people do pay you for what you do, you find yourself asking if it's fair. You look for a balance between being poor and being greedy. You always wonder if what you are giving is equal to what you are taking. Partnership is the key to making money with this placement, because you need the support from someone else in order to feel worthy of wealth. You are likely to subconsciously seek financial support through marriage. You always weigh out the pros and cons of making a purchase before you spend your money.


Your money is viewed as a means to fulfill your needs and the things that are important to you. You are protective of your funds, and will use them to show people that you care about them. Buying someone dinner is an emotional and considerate act to you. You can get very sensitive if you feel under appreciated.
To you, money is an opportunity to see your family, to sit inside with the heater on in the winter, to make yourself and the people you love comfortable and happy. You take it personally if someone else insults what you have (or do not have). You could have a slight inferiority complex when it comes to money.


You don't want people to know how much money you have. It's a secret. You can get pretty defensive about this topic. You're afraid they're going to judge you or interfere.
​If someone were to look at your bank account it would make you feel very vulnerable. On some level you feel competitive when it comes to money, or perhaps just concerned that what you have is not enough (or too much). You'd rather not hear anyone else's input. How you spend your money tends to be a private matter as well. You are generally good at managing your finances but you will not explain to others how you do it.


You practically don't even know what money is. What's the big deal about it anyway? It's either there or it's not there. It might not even be real. It doesn't matter to you how much you have. If you have it, you'll use it, or donate it to charity, or something. You often end up relying on other people to support you, because you have trouble focusing on material needs.


You love luxury. You want to indulge in the finer things in life, as other people spoil you with their gifts and affection.
You do not have much motivation to work for money, but you do want to have money. You would rather be given what you want, and spoiled by those around you.
​You are generous when it comes to money, but you usually do not have much to give.
You want the people around you to think well of you, but you lack a real drive to fight for your status. You do prefer to be in a position of respect, but you feel more entitled than enticed to work for it. Poverty feels shameful to you and you don't want to be seen as being poor, but if you are on the less wealthy side you will defend yourself for it.


What you have is never enough, and sometimes you can end up spending a little more than you should. You hope for better luck when it comes to money and might feel a bit insecure about your lack of savings. It is hard for you to save money.
You feel very limited when you are short on funds, because you view money as an opportunity to learn, travel, or get more out of life. This is why you always hope that more money will come to you; so that you can have the freedom you desire. However, you burn out (when it comes to funds) quickly.


You can be reckless with money, because when you have money, you feel like you need to do something with it. You need to get rid of it or use it to take a risk. You might end up spending impulsively.
You're particularly inclined to invest in stocks or use your money to help start a project. You don't ever want to feel that your bank account is stagnant or that you are not doing anything useful with your money.


You may struggle with money, but you consider it to be a show of status. You judge yourself as well as other people based on financial worth. You view your income as your hard work, your irreplaceable time, your success. You are stingy when it comes to lending people money, but spend it in order to flaunt and measure your success. You enjoy watching the numbers in your bank account go up, but considering that you are most likely a Sagittarius rising, you also desire to have fun, and can be frivolous when not being stingy.
You keep yourself in check when you realize you have spent "too much".


You're modest about your personal wealth. Aside from not wanting to flaunt how much money you have, you take more pride in living modestly and working hard. Even if you end up spoiling yourself with the things that you buy, you try not to let other people know too much about it. Money is not that important to you and you might act less wealthy than you actually are, if not truly limiting yourself from acquiring wealth. You don't expect an easy life. You don't feel entitled to money that you did not work for. Yet you are generous in helping others who may be going through financial hardships. You might especially feel like the money you've earned did not come easily to you.


You like having your financial stability and will make sure you get the things that you deserve. You prefer a steady, reliable source of income. Even if your earnings are modest, you want to make sure that they will continue to come in. You are unlikely to do work without getting paid, and you want to use the money that you earn in order to create a comfortable life for yourself and those closest to you. You do enjoy having luxuries, and often use your money for romantic purposes.

 $ The 2nd House $

The 2nd house shows how you handle your own personal stability and income. This can vary depending on your planetary aspects and the ruler of your 2nd house.