​​$5 Date Check

About to go on a first date? Have me check them out first!
​I seriously do not let my friends go on dates without checking the chart first.
​This reading is a necessity


Transition Reading

This reading is for long term relationships that are ending, but have lasting problems related to jealousy, child custody, possesions, and anything else involved.

Interest / Acquaintance

If you are curious about someone and would like to know about the potential of a relationship, this is the reading for you.

Significant Other
​Not sure where things are going from here? Lets find out. This reading will include compatibility as well as current transits.

Soul Mate

Is this the person you are meant to spend your life with? If you are considering a serious relationship, marriage, or looking to improve an existing one, then this reading is for you.

Wedding Planning
Found the one? The date of your wedding is a crucial factor in the success of your marriage. I can look at potential locations in addition to dates and let you know which will be best.

Relationship Readings

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