Water Ascendants (typically)


You might care about your appearance (especially if you are a Libra rising), but you most likely don't really care about taking care of your body. Someone could pawn off all the tedious daily tasks on you, and you'd probably do them, but you could be content just throwing everything around and disregarding organization. You can easily stick to your daily responsibilities, but that doesn't mean your head isn't in the clouds while you're doing them. You probably day dream while you're at work, so it doesn't matter if you're there doing boring things anyway.


You want your work to be something you care about, and you want to show concern for your coworkers and treat them like a family. As sweet as you are to them, they will likely find themselves victim to a mood swing of yours (sooner or later). You might not be a very moody person, but any moods you have are sure to come out while you're working. Emotional problems could end up affecting your health. If you get upset, you might need to eat a done of cake (or whatever comfort food you prefer).

Air Ascendants (typically)


You want to live two separate lives every day, like you have an alternate identity. You would love to be the homemaker and the bread winner, but do you really want to be doing all the work? Probably not. You'd rather just shift between the two. You talk a lot about work, and about your health. You feel that the small details of your day are very eventful and exciting. You sort of wear two different faces when it comes to your health, just as you do with your work. There's the one side who raves about health food, and the other that loves cake and other non-essential foods. What you really want for dinner is a mystery to us all!


You're always going to get stuck in your ways when it comes to routine. Your lifestyle (what you eat and what you do on a daily basis) will not change easily. You want to be able to relax. You want to enjoy the same things that you enjoyed as a child, and the kind of health practices you were raised with likely will not change. You don't want to change your job frequently, and your job is likely to become your career if you are reluctant to change it.

Fire Ascendants (typically)

The information above has all been written by Penny, and is not to be duplicated.

The 6th House

Ruled by Virgo, this house shows day-to-day tasks.


You don't put a lot of thought into the details; what you are going to eat, where you are going to work. You just do it. You might end up taking reckless measures when it comes to your health (working out too much or not eating enough).


You are very proud of your ability to work, and to do even the small tasks. So proud, that you might not actually do them. Your co-workers are excited, privileged even, to be working with you. So it might end up seeming like you are pulling your weight when actually you aren't, and that allows you to relax some. You had more important things to do anyway. You think you are healthy and awesome. You think that you are great at this whole health thing, but really you like to indulge and have fun. If you were really going to work out often, it would need to be fun.


One day you may approach your new job, or health regime, with excitement and determination. You will be the best, you will do everything you possibly can and impress everyone! After a while though, you might realize that it is boring and that no one seems that impressed with you. So you quit. You have better, more fun things to do, right? You're optimistic though... you believe your health, and your work, will all fall into place.


What you eat and where you work is no ones' business but your own! You likely don't want to go to a public laundromat or anything of that sort. You would not appreciate people looking in your pantry or coming over unannounced. You don't want anyone asking why you went to the doctor either, and could end up acting weirdly suspicious for no reason.


You're always trying to find a balance when it comes to your health, and always trying to be fair and cooperate when you're at work. You get upset when you find that you have compromised too much and your employers or co-workers aren't doing their job. You could find if you ate too much one day, you want to not eat so much (or eat healthier, hopefully) the next. You likely only find the motivation to exercise once you start feeling out of shape, and you could feel this sort of push and pull thing when it comes to your health. (Slack off and relax a bit, then workout and try to get back on track.) If you do find that balance, you will have great health, but to you being attractive is likely more important than being healthy.


You plan to be smart about your health. You are going to find the latest research on nutrition and exercise, assuming you are serious about getting into (or staying in) shape. You can't bare to do the same thing every day though. As much as your Virgo ascendant (which is what most people with this house placement have) wants to be organized, this Aquarius part of you doesn't always want to stick with the plan. You do the best when you find a routine that offers surprises along the way (like a personal trainer who always keeps you guessing). Your work definitely needs to be something that can hold your attention, likely something unusual. Frequent changes at work would be probably excite you more than they would annoy you. You want to have no idea what is going to be thrown at you when you wake up in the morning.

Earth Ascendants (typically)


You definitely don't feel like someone who can just eat whatever they want, but at the same time you wish you could. Considering that most of the people who have this placements also have a Leo ascendant, you want to have fun, and you know that health, chores, and work are not fun. All changes in your lifestyle will be slow and require determination and commitment.


Even if you don't always follow the necessary responsibilities, you do recognize work and health as being important. They are tedious little tasks. You know that the small details are always important, and you can be mindful of them but you also get sick of them. You do care to try and eat fruits and vegetables, but you know you can't eat perfectly every day.